What Is The Meaning If You Dream About Fog?

What Is The Meaning If You Dream About Fog?

When you see yourself walking on a foggy street, it means that you are living an aimless life.

When you see someone coming out of fog, it means that you will be receiving help from an unexpected place.When you see black fog in your dream, it means that you will be facing health issues in real life.When you see yourself driving through fog, it means that you are hasty while making decisions.

Perhaps you are struggling to see things the way they really are. Take a good look around you- not everything is at it seems.

It’s possible you have lost your sense of direction in life, you aren’t sure of yourself and you are not thinking clearly.Do you need to wait until the fog has lifted? Or is there something you can do to clear your head of this mental block?On the other hand, fog can be linked to secrecy and mystery. Does something or someone in your life fit this description? Perhaps someone is trying to protect you by shielding you from the truth.

If someone was in the dream with you and they were fading into the fog.Perhaps you are struggling to communicate well with them lately. The dream could be telling you to sit down with them and talk without any distractions.

Fog is also a lack of physical, emotional or spiritual sight. What was the fog obscuring in your dream as this will give you a better understanding of what you are losing sight of.You may need to find out what the dream is trying to tell you before it’s too late.Fog is also an indicator that you should take a break for making important decisions because you don’t have the whole picture in front of you right now.Perhaps wait until you have all the information before you make your next move.You may be doing things at speed and the dream is telling you to slow down and be more cautious or you could end up regretting the pace at which you are currently tackling something.


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