What is it to see a barn in a dream?

What is it to see a barn in a dream?

A barn can be a positive sign that you will have a good companion in life.The dream that you work in a barn is a good omen predicting growth in everything you have and do.

If the barn is empty, it indicates that you have to work harder in order to become profitable and successful in your business affairs.

If you see an empty barn in your dream, this could mean represent vain hopes. If the barn is on fire, this is the sign of daily troubles.Seeing yourself entering a bar indicates good luck and success in your current affairs.A barn in your dream could herald poverty and sadness.A full barn means luck and prosperity.A barn collapsing suggests you have problems in your waking life.

Seeing a barn in your dream could be an omen of becoming rich very soon, and being well perceived by friends and acquaintances.An ox barn means hospitality, and a hearty welcoming. A horse barn is a sign of prosperity.To dream that you take a horse to the barn means you will be better paid for your efforts.

Dreaming of animals in a barn, like lots of horses, is a sign that you could enjoy some exciting outdoors activities in the near future.


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