What Dream About Appendicitis Means

What Dream About Appendicitis Means

If you dream that you have pain in appendicitis, this dream has a bad meaning.Soon, you may encounter problems that will be associated with quarrels among family members, difficulties at work and serious diseases.A dreamer should be patient all the problems will sooner or later come to an end.

As for the meaning of a dream of procedure for excising appendicitis during which you were a surgeon, it is explained by Tsvetkov’s dream book: a responsible mission will be entrusted to you, the success of which will raise you high in social status.Most likely, this interpretation refers to work, the successful implementation of which will allow you take the chair of the leader.

And Vanga’s dream book, explaining why one dreams of removing the appendix from someone, predicts deliverance from obsessive people and from reasons that impede the implementation of plans.

Dream about Appendix Surgery expresses your goals of a family.You are in tune with your surroundings.You are trying to be more influential and powerful in the world.Your dream is a symbol for the new responsibilities that will bring you much joy.You feel that you are above someone.


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