What does it mean when you dream about God?

What does it mean when you dream about God?

According to some religions (such as Christianity), God made man in own his image thus when God appears in a dream, it is often a reflection of the dreamer themselves, and it is a sign that the dreamer needs to concentrate on developing certain aspects of their personality.

In dreams God can appear in many ways, he could be a light, a person or even just a voice. In dreams anything goes, but I feel it is important to understand the presence of a higher being in your dream is a positive omen.It gives you light and comfort in daily life.I remember I once went to a spiritual retreat and I had a vision of god, and how amazing the white energy was and lit up my bedroom.

This was not a dream, as I don’t recall being asleep.I really feel that when these sorts of dreams pop up it is about you and how you can handle the world, how you live your life, as your life burns all the things you want or need will be burned out within you!It is a powerful reminder of how important it is to learn to love ourselves first, create spiritual connections with ourselves, spread love around us in all forms, develop faith and set achievable goals for ourselves even in the face of adversity.

God in your dream can symbolize your need to let go of the pressure and stress that you face in your life.Dreaming about god can also indicate either that you have a strong sense of compassion and sacrifice in your life or that you need more of it.Your dreaming of God indicates that you are concerned about what others will think of your life choices.


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