What does it mean to see a hammer in a dream?

What does it mean to see a hammer in a dream?

This dream highlights your need to prove yourself to others because your efforts are not being appreciated.You have a lot of ideas, but someone is holding you from executing them.You are looking to change your job due to tough people and situations at your workplace.

Dreaming of hammers or blunt instruments highlights the more aggressive and masculine side of our nature.There may be the feeling that their is an aspect of our personality which needs to be crushed or struck for us to be able to function properly.While aggression may be necessary it may be more that the judicial application of force is appropriate.The hammer also has a double- sided symbolism these are justice and vengeance.The dreamer needs to be aware which of these apply in his own spiritual domain.The spiritual meaning of hammer in dream means in the way of salvation there will be lots of big mountains of lust, greed, pride and other negative shades of a human character which needs to broken with the hammer of faith, trust and vision of enlightenment in one’s heart and soul.

The dream of buying hammer means something is going in your mind.It may be an idea or anything you want to do from a very long time. Now the fire inside you have grown big and it is the right time to do that one thing which will satisfy your soul and mind.The dream of selling hammer means you are feeling very much satisfied and happy in your life.Either you have achieved all your dreams or you have learnt to live without people and things.This dream shows the stable state of mind of the dreamer.

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