What does it mean to dream about legs?

What does it mean to dream about legs?

Dreams about legs symbolize a sense of confidence, mobility, groundedness, and strength.

Dreaming of legs invites us to look at what is going on with our basic foundations, our beliefs and attitudes that support our outlook on life, and our ability to move around either physically or metaphorically.

If we have no legs, or have lost or legs, maybe there is some conviction we hold that we should consider changing our mind on, as we “don’t have a leg to stand on.”Or maybe we feel as out of control as when intoxicated, and feel “legless.” This could be a good thing, if it is associated with a love interest for instance, which might make us go “weak at the knees.” Dreams of losing our legs, or having weak legs might even indicate we need to take a stronger stance in some matter and “stand up for ourselves.”

If your legs were weak in your dream then you may be feeling vulnerable right now.Consider what you need to make you strong again.

If you were crossing your legs, this can be symbolic of you closing your mind off to someone or something you have a defensive attitude at present.

To see someone else’s legs in a dream, could mean that you admire this person.Think about the attributes they have that you yearn for perhaps you need to adopt their ways of thinking and doing things if they have a positive impact on them and others too.

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