What does it mean to dream about a pear?

What does it mean to dream about a pear?

A pear in a dream means money, blessings, or a sickness. Eating it in season in a dream means benefits, income, or it could denote the arrival of a long awaited person.Eating pears out of season in a dream means a sickness or swelling, though if a sick person eats a pear in a dream, it means a cure for his illness, or it could mean earning unlawful money.Receiving a basket, or a plate of pears in a dream means receiving an inheritance.As for a pregnant woman, pears in a dream represent a son, and for an unmarried woman, they means marriage.Pears in a dream also signify the death of an ailing person and his burial.

Eating a sweet and juicy pear foretells love and a happy marriage, however if the pear was rotten then you may encounter difficulties in your relationships.

Healthy pears suggest that you will have good fortune and your future is bright, however pears that have gone bad could mean that you will encounter financial problems.

It might refer to a female in your life you are worried about or a woman you know who is pregnant.

To dream that you are buying pear from the grocery store; foretells that you will form a financial connection with someone from your past or from your elders.Your hard work will soon be rewarded.Do not be afraid to spend the time and effort to make sure all the affairs are in order.Specifically, make sure that you have insurance in place to handle any potential financial or health issues.

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