What Does It Mean to Dream About a Gang?

What Does It Mean to Dream About a Gang?

Dreaming of being a gang member may be an unconscious expression of the need to achieve things through force and intimidation.

If threatened by a gang, one may feel that life conditions or the factors associated with a particular issue have “ganged up” on them.

Dreaming about being in a gang could mean that you are feeling strong affection for your family. Still, you are finding it difficult to express this in an appropriate way.There might be a need to belong to something that will provide the family-like support you have lacked throughout your life.You might feel that being in a gang is the best option for this type of emotional satisfaction.Dreaming about gangs could also be a warning against becoming involved in criminal activities.You might be finding it difficult to resist the temptation of fitting into the gang lifestyle. Still, you will not find happiness in this path.

Gangs in dreams can sometimes be a representation of the male figure or the part of yourself that is masculine.The gang may represent feeling powerless or undervalued by society; maybe you feel like there is no other way to get what you need out of life.There could also be an element of rebellion involved.Take a step back and consider what you are doing with your life, why this lifestyle tempts you, and if it is the path for you.If you feel that there is nothing else out there for you but crime, then think carefully about your future maybe look into other career paths or training opportunities!


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