Dreaming of gold may symbolize infinite luck, upcoming opportunities, financial stability, success, or a satisfied family.

Negatively, it may mean you’re too proud, frustrated, a spendthrift, underestimate yourself excessively, or need a change of perspective.

This is a positive dream, after all, gold is a metal associated with grandeur, wealth, glamour, glitz, sparkle, and prosperity.This dream of gold is about your own philosophy towards both accumulated wealth and money.Spiritually, this dream is about not only our material fulfillment but also devotion.Many people confuse dreams of gold with prosperity.But the term “prosperity” indicates progressiveness in life.We all think that being rich is a financial state but in dreams of gold, this is about being fruitful and being rich inside. People who are rich are normally happy with their actions and thoughts in life and this is what gold is all about. If you are not yet living an abundant life spiritually then the sign of GOLD in dreams can indicate that you may harvest great things going forward. This is a positive dream that will enhance our lives!

Let me first tell you to know that seeing gold in a dream is a positive sign.Our feelings of wealth, success, or abundance can be denoted by the metal gold appearing in the dream state, this is a symbol of wealth coming your way.Remember in life you are likely to fail if you believe you will. Your thoughts are powerful and gold in dreams can indicate that you may have success in the future. It is important to be enthusiastic, grateful, and excited about all the opportunities you get. Seeing gold money can indicate that if you have been working on a project for a while and your efforts are about to pay off.I am a strong believer that we make our own life and gold seen in the dream can indicate that you are on the right path.


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