What Do Dreams of Fire Mean?

What Do Dreams of Fire Mean?

What Do Dreams of Fire Mean?

Generally speaking, the fire in dreams can be a symbol of passion, desire, anger, transformation or purification.It depends on the specific context of your dreams.

If you’re afraid of the fire in your dreams and suffer from the pain it brings to you, the fire might signify your temper is losing control in reality.

By contrast, if you find the fire is under control, it may represent an inner transformation in your mind.Fire can not only bring destruction, but also can be a sign of rebirth or creation.Think about the rebirth of phoenix from ashes.

If you dream about fire, try and remember some details: WHAT was on fire? WHERE were you? The venue or catalyst for the fire can be symbolic in itself. In fact, the thing that’s on fire could be a clue as to what area of your life you’re worried about or trying to fix.

Generally, dreams about fire reflect the kind of energy we associate with fire itself. So they can indicate:

Strong emotions and passions.

A cleansing or purifying of wounds or suppressed feeling.

Urgency or attention needed.

Transformation and change, like a phoenix from the flames.Dreams about fire are necessarily negative. However, many do seek to draw your attention to something that is potentially destructive or dangerous, if not addressed.Don’t ignore a dream about fire.Analyze the components of it, and take action based on what you think it’s trying to draw your focus towards.

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