Vein Dream Meanings

Vein Dream Meanings

On a spiritual level, veins symbolize the connection between different aspects of yourself such as your emotions, feelings, thoughts, and actions.

To see your own vein in a dream is an indication that you have built protective defenses for protection against those who would belittle and slander you.To dream that you are bleeding from your veins foreshadows a great sadness in your future.You can escape from the sorrow that is coming your way.To dream that you have swollen or bulging veins indicates that you often trust those around you before they have proven their worth.

To cut blood vessels in the dream, suggests that you are cutting off blood ties within your family. The cutting of veins suggests that you are cutting off people who rely on you.If the arteries are being cut in the dream; it foretells that someone whom you rely on will cut you off.You would suffer a sudden loss of life style.

To see blood vessels bleeding in the dream, points to primary and secondary relationships that will be shaken up.Veins bleeding foretells that you will experience inescapable yet gradual sorrow.Artery bleeding foretells that you will suffer through strong arguments and divergences.

To see veins bulging out on legs, is a sign of bad fortune and being unlucky.You are in a bad situation where you have constrained life. However, the dream suggests that you do not feel particularly uncomfortable about the whole situation.


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