There’s a Girl by the Tracks / Summary

There’s a Girl by the Tracks / Summary

There’s a Girl by the Tracks / Summary

Author : Deven Kanal

Type: literary story

Characters : Roma Talreja,

Baleshwar Mishra, Dinesh Talreja,

Dr. Anil Agarwal, The tempo-truck driver

Subject: There’s a girl by the Tracks, by Deven Kanal describes accidents that take place due to the overcrowded suburban electric trains of Mumbai.Once a girl called Roma Talreja fell off a moving train between two stations.There wasn’t anyone around.Baleshwar, who was in another train, saw roma’s body and stopped his train by pulling the red chain.This story deals with the important role that Baleshwar plays to save Roma’s life.


Roma Talreja was a graduate from Pune and had been working in the call centre for the last two years.She was a regular traveller.She caught the Electric Train an tried to settle into a corner near the door. The train hurtled ahead and she was jammed between two women. After that she lost her foothold and was thrown out of the coach.


Baleshwar Mishra was a lanky youngster from U P. He was in another train speeding in the opposite direction.He saw Roma Talreja falling onto the ground.The other passengers also notice it. “There’s a girl by the tracks” all cried out. Then Baleshwar Mishra pulled the chain and told the passengers to come with him to help the girl, but nobody volunteered because they were afraid of getting involved.


They feared getting trapped in the courts or with the police but Baleshwar jumped into action to save the girl who was really a stranger. He crossed the track and saw the girl bleeding. He prayed silently and requested the motorists to help him, but his effort was in vain. He tried to speak with her and asked, “Sister, are you Okay?” but there was no response from her.

Then without waiting for another moment, he lifted her and made his way across the tracks. He implored the motorists to help but they didn’t help him.Then came a driver of a tempo- track and offered his help.They took her in tempo-truck and a traffic policeman suggested Baleshwar to take the girl to Airoli.

Baleshwar didn’t take her there because it was 10 kilometers away and he knew another place which was closer.He took her to a small hospital and the doctor gave her the first aid and advised to take her to a nearby hospital.

When they were taking her to another hospital, on the way Roma opened her eyes and Baleshwar asked her name and took information about her relatives.She gave the cell number of her brother Dinesh.Baleshwar phoned him and informed about the accident.

Then Roma’s eyes soon lost focus and was unconscious again.At last Baleshwar took her to Div ne Multi-speciality Hospital and Resea! ch Centre. Dr. Anil Agarwal quickly admitted her to the ICU and took X-ray and put suture.

The next day.Baleshwar revisited the spot where Roma had fallen and got information that Roma’s cell phone and her hand bag were with a railway employee.Soon Roma came to know about the timely help extended by Baleshwar. She expressed her gratitudes and was grateful to him because it was he who saved her life. Really Baleshwar Mishra is a symbol of Love and Compassion.


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