The Nail Dream

The Nail Dream

Dreaming of nails, as in woodworking. suggests our ability to bond things together.

The holding power of the nail may also be significant.Finger and toe nails usually suggest claws or the capability of holding on.The penetrative power of the nail may be significant if the dreamer is having difficulty with issues of masculinity or sexuality.Spiritually the nail represents necessity and fate. In Christianity; nails also signify ultimate sacrifice and pain.

To see a nail in your dream implies that you will have separation.Either you should go far away or your relative should go far away.

To dream that you collect nails signifies that you will tell lie and this condition will create problems in terms of you later.To see that you drive a nail in your dream implies that negative issues will come to an end.To drive nail on the wall denotes that you will change your life negatively because of some people.If you drive nail on the wood, it means that you will marry a person and your life will be in order.To pull out the nails in your dream indicates that you are in the period which your religious emotions will strengthen.If you pull out it easily, it means that you will help someone and this will relieve you in terms of religion.If you have difficulty to pulling out it, it means that your help to a person will turn with favor to you.

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