The Mountain of Light / Summary

The Mountain of Light / Summary

Author: Indu Sundaresan

Type: Editing , Historical fiction

Subject: The Mountain of Light” by Indu Sundaresan is a historical novel centered around the Koh-i-Noor diamond, exploring its journey through different rulers and empires, including the Mughal Empire in India and the British Empire.The novel provides a rich portrayal of characters and historical events, offering insights into the cultural and political landscapes of the time.


As empires rose and fell and mighty kings jostled for power, its glittering radiance never dimmed. It is the “Mountain of Light” the Kohinoor diamond and its facets reflect a sweeping story of love, adventure, conquest, and betrayal. Its origins are the stuff of myth, but for centuries this spectacular gem changes hands from one ruler to another in India, Persia, and Afghanistan.In 1850, the ancient stone is sent halfway around the world where it will play a pivotal role in the intertwined destinies of a boy-king of India and a young queen of England a queen who claims the Mountain of Light and India itself for her own burgeoning empire, the most brilliant jewels in her imperial crown.

The Mountain of Light is a magnificent story of loss and recovery, sweeping change and enduring truth, wrapped around the glowing heart of one of the world’s most famous diamonds.d


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