Summary of Tansen

Summary of Tansen

Author: Subhadra Sen Gupta

Subject: Tansen, whose full name was Ramtanu Pandey, was a prominent Indian musician and composer during the Mughal era. He is often considered one of the greatest musicians in the history of Indian classical music. Tansen was one of the nine gems (Navaratnas) in the court of Emperor Akbar.He was known for his exceptional vocal and instrumental skills, and he played a crucial role in the development of the Hindustani classical music tradition.Tansen’s life and contributions continue to be celebrated and revered in Indian classical music.

Type: story

Charcters: Tansen , Mohammed Ghaus , Emperor Akbar. ,Raga Deepak , Shaukat Mian


Tansen Summary tells us about the life of the famous musician from India named Tansen. It tells us how he is the only child of a singer where they live in a village.Tansen is a naughty child but is talented and wise.One day, Swami Haridas finds him in the forest roaring like a tiger. He takes him in and teaches him music.After that, Tansen goes to Mohammed Ghaus of Gwalior to learn music.After Tansen becomes an accomplished singer, the emperor Akbar appoints him to court as a musician.His success makes the other courtiers jealous and one plans to ruin him.They make him sing the Raga Deepak, a raga which can produce heat around.However, Tansen trains his daughter to sing Raga Megh which makes rainfall.Thus, as the fire starts to break out, the girls sing and it rains, saving Tansen’s life.

Being the greatest musician in the country, Tansen was the child of a singer named Mukandan Misra.Tansen summary will take us through his life and an incident which saved his life.

Tansen is the only child of a singer and lives in a small village in Behat near Gwalior.He is quite a naughty child but equally talented and wise. One day, he runs away to the forest for playing and starts imitating the roar of a tiger.

Swami Haridas along with his disciples is passing by the forest when they hear him. Tansen hides behind a tree and roars like a tiger. This scares the travellers but one disciple finds out that it is actually Tansen.

Swami Haridas immediately recognizes his talent and starts teaching him music with the permission of Tansen’s father.After being under Swami Haridas’s care for eleven years, Tansen turns into a great singer.

Now, as his parents near their deathbed, his father’s last wish is for him to train under the renowned Mohammad Ghaus of Gwalior.Tansen goes on to train under him and often visits the court with his Guru.

After that, he marries Hussaini and has five children who are all very musical.As Tansen becomes quite popular, he starts singing before Emperor Akbar.Akbar becomes highly impressed by him and appoints him the musician at his court.

Moreover, Akbar also spends time with him and gives him many gifts.This makes the other courtiers jealous.They plan to ruin Tansen and one courtier, Shaukat Mian, plots his death.

Shaukat Mian is aware of that if Tansen sings Raga Deepak, the lamps will burn around him.Ultimately, the heat will burn Tansen to ashes.Thus, he approaches Akbar to make Tansen sing this Raga.

Akbar agrees and orders Tansen to do so and Tansen agrees but asks for some time for preparation.Being the wise man that he is, Tansen realizes what Raga Deepak could do.So, he teaches his daughter and her friend to sing Raga Megh, which brings rain.

Finally, the day arrives and Tansen begins singing the Raga Deepak when flames shoot up and light the lamps.However, the girls start singing and it starts raining.This saves Tansen’s life but he becomes quite ill.

Finally, he recovers healthily and everyone rejoices.He even composes many new ragas and the king punishes the courtiers who planned this. Now, Tansen’s tomb is like a place for pilgrimage for musicians in Gwalior.


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