Seek Dream Meaning

Seek Dream Meaning

Seeing what you are looking for in your dream means that the work is going in the right direction.Seeing that you have lost a trail that you have followed in a dream indicates that you need to take urgent measures to avoid losing what you have achieved.

Very commonly, you will find yourself searching for something in a dream because searching or loss is often the first step toward transformation. Misplacing an item reveals your current insecurities surrounding what the symbol represents.

It can be the meaning of life or the key to your destiny; success at work or sex; or love.

If you are young, you are more likely to have financial success and prosperity than the meaning of life.The opposite may be true if you are over thirty five years old.What every age group is probably looking for is love, but the type of love may be different: for some it will be ordinary sexual relationships; for others, romantic ‘true love’; for others, mystical union with everything.

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