Seeing A Lion In A Dream?

Seeing A Lion In A Dream?

Seeing A Lion In A Dream?

Seeing a lion in your dream is often associated with feeling confident, in control of your destiny, and so on.Another common interpretation is the lion representing your personality, specifically the influence and power that it holds

If you see a lion in your dream and don’t see it attacking you or anyone else, then it either means that you are fascinated by its beauty or are in awe of its ferociousness.In simple words, you could be a wildlife enthusiast or someone who loves animals.However, if we were to go a little deeper into understanding the dream, then it would mean the following:

Small wonder that a lion is called the king of the jungle. It not only looks gorgeous, but it symbolises strength, power, assertiveness and fearlessness.You could be someone with similar characteristics, and hence you relate to the lion.

A lion likes to rule the roost, and you too may want to be a ruler.

Dreaming about getting attacked by a lion

When you dream about getting attacked by a lion, it could mean that something is bothering you and it could lead to your downfall.It could mean that someone more powerful could harm you or a situation could ruin your life.So introspect and see if there’s a threat to your existence in some way or the other.

Dreaming about getting chased by a lion

If you dream about being chased by a lion, then it could mean that you are running away from something that you think is a threat to you.As mentioned above, analyse the situation in your life to find a sensible solution to your problems.

Dreaming about killing a lion

If you like to be in the position of power, then you would want to suppress all your opponents.In such a situation, when you dream about killing a lion, it could mean that you wish to overpower those who have the potential to thwart you.

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