Photo Album Dream Meaning 

Photo Album Dream Meaning 

Photo Album Dream Meaning

A family photo album seen in a dream marks a pleasant stay and mutual understanding.If it contains a picture of a stranger, this means you will expose some fraud.

You risk harming your loved ones with your arrogance.Seeing photos of relatives and friends, according to the dream book, predicts worsening relations.

Dreaming of going through a photo album symbolizes an encounter with an ex-lover.Even though you have tried to forget about the past, you probably still remember someone who meant a lot to you before.

This dream shows that you still care for them. You will have an opportunity to see them at your friend’s party.That will help you realize that you are not indifferent toward each other.

Both of you are probably taken, but that unexpected encounter will stir old emotions up. Your partner will notice that something is not right and they will ask for an explanation.

You will have a hard time deciding what to do to not hurt anyone.You will realize that you are not good together, but your passion will be too strong to fight it.


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