Nose Dream Meaning

Nose Dream Meaning

To see a nose in a dream is interpreted to long life, goodness and joy. To see your nose very beautiful indicates that you will fall into a trap treacherously prepared by someone who bears you a grudge, to see your nose flowing, to see benefits and benefits from a great person, to see something escape into your nose, to see that you will make your affairs right through a man by suffering financial damage, to see that your nose has been completely cut off, your affairs will always go wrong, sometimes it is wrong.

To see that something has come out of your nose is a sign that you will have a good son or that you have one.To see a leech coming out of your nose is a sign to see benefit and benefit from someone.

It is not good to see the dirt on your nose increase in a dream. If you see that he cleans his nose, it is interpreted for the better.To see your nose growing in a dream is interpreted for good and good for everyone.It is a sign that the person who sees the dream, his wealth will increase and his rank will increase, and if he is poor, he will get richer.Seeing the nose shrink is interpreted in the opposite way.


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