Nightingale in a Dream

Nightingale in a Dream

To dream of hearing or seeing a nightingale is interpreted as a portent of good fortune. Dreaming of a nightingale nesting or catching one portends increased romantic fortune.Dreaming that you hold a nightingale or that one dies in your hand is a good omen for a change in fortune.

To dream of this pretty warbler is the forerunner of joyful news, great success in business, of plentiful crops, and of a sweet-tempered lover.

For a married woman to dream of a nightingale, shows that she will have children who will be great singers.It signifieth also good work, and principally weddings and music, and promiseth a housewifely wife.

To dream that you are listening to the harmonious notes of the nightingale, foretells a pleasing existence, and prosperous and healthy surroundings.This is a most favorable dream to lovers, and parents.To see nightingales silent, foretells slight misunderstandings among friends.

To see a nightingale in a dream is usually interpreted as a symbol of happiness, joy and love.The nightingale is a symbol of beauty, melodious voice and freedom.Therefore, seeing a nightingale in a dream indicates that your inner happiness will increase, there will be pleasant and romantic times in romantic relationships, and you will be emotionally satisfied.

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