Mosque Dream Meaning

Mosque Dream Meaning

To see a mosque in a dream means beautiful and pleasant signs.The dream of a mosque does not interfere with a person’s business.This person is dedicated and devoted to his religion and always performs his religious duties.A mosque that appears in the city indicates family elders who should be respected.When an innocent person enters a mosque, he draws attention to great things.This expresses purity of soul and body, being fair, dominating the hand, tongue and waist, as well as love and respect for religion.

A mosque in a dream is the same as a mosque in real life.The man who dreams of building a mosque can become a great scientist. In addition, the owner of the dream of dying will visit the mosque and show all his religious duties and all religious duties October what someone will do with a sign.

A vision of entering a mosque in a dream indicates that the dream owner will have the honor of repentance.If the dreamer sees that he enters the mosque and spreads out on his forehead, touches his forehead, he repents and rules.If the doors of the mosque are open, it is abundance, and if it is closed, it indicates disaster.

I’m tired of a happy life. The dreamer, thanks to pure morality, will become the person whom everyone loves and trusts, so when everyone is worried about almost everyone’s help, he will soon sign a very good job and there will never be financial and moral problems that he will never think about himself, this is a misconception that you will find at the beginning of a beautiful study. Turn a mosque into a minaret in a dream, play an important role in building a beautiful business, be a useful person for society, support a person who has problems in the business world, sign positive works in the way of Allah, it means taking steps to lead and solve problems to end the poverty of the poor poor.

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