Leprosy Dream Meanings

Leprosy Dream Meanings

To dream that you are infected with this dread disease, foretells sickness, by which you will lose money and incur the displeasure of others.If you see others afflicted thus, you will meet discouraging prospects and love will turn into indifference.

The dream of leprosy seen in sleep is not interpreted as a good sign.It has been interpreted in aspects such as forbidden goods, fire, deficiency in deeds and signalling evil.

Leprosy sometimes refers to the dress bought with inheritance money, haram property, fire, love disease; Seeing a sick person with leprosy in the dream also refers to wealth.Seeing a face with leprosy in the dream means that your troubles will end and your life will be in comfort and peace.The person who sees leprosy or leprosy in his dream means that he receives a lump sum of money.If a person sees in his dream that he has leprosy, it means that the reward of his deeds will be false.Some signers said that seeing a sick person with leprosy in a dream also indicates wealth.

As a result, to see that he is infected with leprosy in the dream will have wealth and blessings, to see blood and pus arising from a leprosy wound is interpreted as forbidden property.According to another rumour.If a person sees that he is afflicted with leprosy, it is a sign of committing sins in a reckless way and that some of his deeds are not accepted because of this.Some have also said that this disease is a dress from inheritance property.

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