Javelin Dream Meanings

Javelin Dream Meanings

To dream of defending yourself with a javelin, your most private affairs will be searched into to establish claims of dishonesty, and you will prove your innocence after much wrangling.

If you are pierced by a javelin, enemies will succeed in giving you trouble.

To see others carrying javelins, your interests are threatened.

If you dream you are fighting someone off with a javelin then you will be facing a probe in your business and personal affairs that will leave no stone unturned.To dream of throwing a javelin suggests that you are putting a lot of effort into a situation in your everyday life.Your dream is a statement of your strength and commitment.

If you dream of getting hit or stabbed by a javelin, there may be some threat to your safety and freedom.If you are stabbed by the javelin then will your enemies discover things about you that could threaten your safety or even your freedom.

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