Hook Dream Meanings

Hook Dream Meanings

A dream about a hook suggests that you are engaged in mischief, deception or unpleasant obligations.This dream may also mean that you are engaged in a quest for material things or that you have depressive feelings.Or there is a force pulling you towards a certain direction, way of thinking or habit.

To dream of a broken hook means that you will have a struggle in life.You may have to face a very tough time.

A dream in which you catch something with a fishhook suggests that you need to acknowledge and incorporate some aspect or characteristic into your self-image.This dream can also refer to a new sexual or intimate relationship that you are trying to ‘bring in’.A dream in which you are attached to a fish hook means that your carelessness has got you into trouble.This dream can also mean that someone has a crush on you or wants to have a romantic adventure with you.A dream in which you have a hook as an arm or a hand means that you are being treated unjustly by your enemies.You should try to change this situation through your own efforts.With patience and perseverance you will be able to achieve what you want.

A dream in which you have a hook as your foot or leg suggests that you are being accused of things you have not done and that you are being forced to defend yourself against those accusations.You must do everything in your power to defend yourself.


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