Frost Dream Meaning 

Frost Dream Meaning

If you see frost in a dream, it means that your hopes are in vain.There is a chance that you will have too high expectations of your business or emotional partner, which will result in disappointment.

You will want stability and assurance that you will stick together, even in case of failure, but instead, you will feel insecure like a Bambi on ice.When you dream about frost, it’s possible that you are emotionally distancing yourself from someone in your waking life.

If so- ask yourself why.Is it because of them and your relationship with this person or is it due to your own feelings about yourself?

It’s possible you are being deliberately unattainable to others right now or someone close to you has put up a barrier to keep you out.

It could indicate a place that’s devoid of positive emotion at present like your workplace or within your family if there has been a feud.Wherever it lies, there is unhappiness within the group involved.It can also mean a setback in your goals perhaps something has come along that has halted your progress lately and you feel behind.There is a period of inactivity.


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