Feet Dream Meaning

Feet Dream Meaning

Dreaming of your feet draws attention to your purpose in life.It reminds you of the things you should do and the journeys you need to take to achieve your goals and plans.

On the other hand, feet are indicative of mobility, freedom and independence.It’s possible you have recently taken a step in the right direction and are thinking about your future and where you want to be.

To see your own feet in your dream symbolizes your foundation, stability and sense of understanding.You may need to be more practical and sensible, or it can also mean you are ready for more independence and freedom in your life.If you dream that you are washing your feet, you will let others take advantage of you. Dream about being barefoot represent your playful attitudes and relaxed, carefree outlook on life.If you dream of having no feet, this foretells unexpected obstacles in your path.

Although many dream situations can be confusing, this should not be one of them.It’s easy to see that refers to what you can do to enhance your upward mobility in life.

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