Dreaming of Scorpions

Dreaming of Scorpions

Spiritually, scorpions serve as reminders to rid yourself of negative or “poisonous” thoughts, people, or circumstances. Additionally, they can symbolize both death and rebirth, as well as rising from the ashes.

Perhaps you are being chased by the terrifying scorpion, or you are being attacked by many of them.Even though you wake up safe, you cannot shake the feeling and you’re here to understand why. Many nightmares are about anxieties that are being pushed down by your subconscious mind, but there is also a spiritual meaning to this dream.

Sometimes it is not that obvious what your scorpion dream is trying to tell you.A dream of scorpions is normally a sign of deception.The scorpion is often a feared creature in the dream world, it is an arachnid and similar to spiders which have eight legs.Arachnids appearing in dreams in my view are due to negative energy as they reside on the lower dimension astral plane. There is something that I would like to share with you, that is important after having this dream. The scorpion comes from the underworld, the lower spiritual dimensions, and technically from the spider family, the creature is negative in nature.

The Egyptian goddess Selket, who protected the dead, had a scorpion on her head to protect her.Scorpions are often used to send back negative energy to another human being.One must not have ambiguous goals in mind when seeing a scorpion in a dream, it is often a spiritual warning but don’t worry.


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