Dream Of a Genie Meaning

Dream Of a Genie Meaning

Dream Of a Genie Meaning

Seeing a jinn in a dream means encountering people who cheat.According to some commentators, the meaning of seeing a jinn in a dream is to suffer theft, to lose property.Seeing a goblin in a dream and being afraid indicates that a very bad property will be obtained.

See Jinn in the dream

Another wisdom of seeing jinn points to enchanters and sorcerers.Falling into the middle of the spell is rumoured to be exposed to magic.Therefore, it is necessary for the person who sees a jinn in a dream to be cleansed and stand in prayer in order to turn the dream into good.

Seeing Jinn in the dream and getting scared

It is wise for the dream owner to avoid very dangerous jobs.Seeing a malignant goblin in the dream and being afraid of it, it indicates that an unwanted situation will happen to the person. Fainting from fear after seeing a genie in a dream means being extremely panic.It indicates that the person panics in the face of problems and approaches them with panic, not with a solution. It is the best way to purify those who see a feared jinn in a dream, praying and reading prayers.

Talking to the Jinn in the dream

The wisdom of seeing a jinn in a dream and talking to him is divided into two groups. According to the interpreters, they made interpretations according to the calmness of the jinn spoken in the dream.If the jinn spoken in the dream is calm and patient, it indicates that the troubles will end for the dreamer and a new beginning.If the spoken goblin is a bad-tempered, angry person, it is wise that the dream owner will stay in a very bad trap.If the gin spoken in the dream is seen in full, it is interpreted that the person will suffer losses from his property.


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