Dream Meaning of Alcohol

Dream Meaning of Alcohol

People often wake up worried, whenever they see a dream of drinking alcohol.And for real, such dreams should get anyone perplexed.This is because any form of drinking that happens in the dream is not of God.Be it water, softdrinks or alcohol that is consumed in dreams, it is not a good omen.

If you’re dreaming about drinking alcohol it symbolizes self-acceptance of a situation. In other words, you’ve accepted your situation. This can translate to the work you do, the community you live in, or even your outlook on life.Drinking alcohol is also symbolic of freedom and a feeling of success after a long period of struggle.

Dream of Alcohol Bottles

When you’re dreaming of alcohol bottles, it means that you are feeling held back or restricted in your life.Your unconscious is giving you a warning sign about being overwhelmed with work or responsibilities; and avoiding being productive.You may feel trapped, or feel as though your life isn’t on the right track.

Dream of Someone Drinking Alcohol

If you’re dreaming about someone drinking alcohol this may indicate that this someone represents something, such as an aspect of yourself.It represents either self-indulgence or an attempt to escape from a situation or responsibility.You may be overdoing it with work or other pursuits, or you may be struggling with some aspect of your life.

Dreams About Drinking Alcohol After Quitting

If you dream about alcohol after quitting, it’s not necessarily an indication that you are having a relapse.The answer to this question greatly depends on what you are dreaming about. If you are dreaming about the process of getting a drink, selecting drinks, or talking to people while drinking, then it’s not likely to mean anything at all, unless it’s accompanied by feelings of shame or guilt afterward.

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