Dream Interpretation of Typewriter

Dream Interpretation of Typewriter

To see a typewriter in your dream, indicates that you need to open the lines of communication with someone in your life.

To dream of a typewriter represents a careful or meticulous sharing of facts or ideas with others.Being extra careful conveying information to others because you don’t want to risk anything. Being very careful about how you articulate yourself.Being very thorough with an explanation or information you give someone so there isn’t a single mistake.

Positively, a typewriter may reflect a very careful attempt to express your emotions to someone or tell someone you like them.A concern that your words are chosen carefully.Not wanting to appear stupid, unsophisticated, or accidentally say something wrong.Negatively, a typewriter may reflect your wish to carefully and meticulously embarrass someone with every single little detail you can recall.Being very careful about your choice of words.Very carefully constructed lies or excuses.Being very careful about how you plan to tell someone bad news, reject them, or break up with them.

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