Dream about mosquito net

Dream about mosquito net

To see a mosquito net in the dream, signifies marriage.Sometimes seeing a mosquito net in a dream is a sign of sorrow and grief.Sometimes seeing a mosquito net in a dream is a sign of marriage.

To see a mosquito net in a dream means to meet a very sensitive person of the opposite sex or to maintain friendship with such a person. For single people, it means that the overly sensitive, fragile situations of the person they love cause difficulties and from time to time the patience of the dream owner overflows.The mosquito net is usually the expression of people who care about even minor flaws and try to live without making anyone feel these situations.It also means to be proud, to meet the difficulties of life alone and to survive without asking for the slightest help from anyone.It means that care is taken to ensure that there are no security problems in the workplace, and at the same time, a certain distance is always kept with new acquaintances, and that the dream owner, who does not easily share secrets with anyone, takes every step by measuring and moulding.

It means that the dreamer, who is going through a sensitive period and especially feels spiritually tired, will take himself under protection by learning lessons from some negativities he has experienced.Taking some precautions and deciding to live your private life in a secluded way means not to talk to anyone about family life or not to get ideas from anyone.It indicates that the person always protects the importance he attaches to his privacy, his personal rights and that he does not risk any possibility to prevent harm to his loved ones.

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