Dream About Car Ferry 

Dream About Car Ferry

The dreamer needs to be aware that lie may, spiritually, be moving on from his present knowledge.The ferry is one of the oldest symbols that is associated with death.

If you dream about traveling on a car ferry, it can have different meanings depending on your personal context and experiences.

A car ferry is used to transport cars across the water to get from one place to another.In the dream world, this could mean that you are on a journey or that you are looking for a change in your life.You may be in a transitional phase right now, on your way to a new chapter in your life.

If you feel scared while driving on the ferry, it may mean that you are in a difficult or uncertain situation and you are worried about the future.However, you must remember that you are capable of handling difficult situations, just as you are able to safely get the ferry to your destination.

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