Dream about being deceived by someone

Dream about being deceived by someone

An individual may dream of a loved one, friend, or colleague betraying them in some way, whether it is a breach of trust, a violation of loyalty, or the revelation of a hidden agenda.The person experiencing the dream may feel a deep sense of loss, disappointment, or even outrage, as they grapple with the disconcerting notion that someone they believed to be reliable and sincere has duped them.

If you find yourself lying or cheating in your dream, or overhear someone else doing so, this indicates that you are feeling guilty about not being honest in waking life or that someone is cheating or being dishonest with you.

If you have recurring dreams in which cheating or lying feature, your dreaming mind is suggesting that you are living a lie in waking life and that you need to be true to yourself.Dreams of stealing, cheating, forgery, fraud and blackmail send the same message.

If you are an accessory or witness to a crime in your dream but didn’t commit it, this suggest your feelings of guilt about colluding with something or ignoring something you knew to be wrong. If, however, a crime or deception was committed against you in your dream, ask yourself whether someone is committing a wrong against you.


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