Dowry Dream Meanings 

Dowry Dream Meanings

If you see a dowry in a dream, it means that your enemies are afraid of you.There is a chance that you didn’t give anyone a reason to see you as a competition, but people act based on what they would do if they were you.Since you are someone who makes progress at work and other aspects of life, thanks to your work only, no one wants to step on your toes but puts up with you even though they are not your biggest fan.

Dreaming about giving up on a dowry means that you will not let anyone blackmail you. Someone will probably give themselves the right to tell you how to act and what to do in life.Since you will not want to put up with it, you will do everything you can to become financially independent so that the person in question can’t tell you that you owe them.

When you dream of spending a dowry, it means that you don’t think about the future.You are someone who lives for the moment, and you don’t care if you won’t have anything tomorrow.Such an attitude can bring you many problems, especially if you plan to have a big family or already have one.


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