Chimney Dream Meaning

Chimney Dream Meaning

Chimney Dream Meaning

Hasty intelligence of sickness will be borne you. A tumble down chimney, denotes sorrow and likely death in your family.To see one overgrown with ivy or other vines, foretells that happiness will result from sorrow or loss of relatives.

A chimney in a dream can symbolize many things.The interpretation depends on the context in which your dream took place.

Dream about a chimney without smoke

If you dream of a chimney without smoke, that is a warning that poverty is expecting you.

Your numerous attempts to try and find a better job will be unsuccessful, so you will end up in a bad financial situation.Also, you will get pretty discouraged and depressed, which will make your position in society even more difficult.Dreaming of a chimney with smoke

If you see a chimney with smoke in a dream, that symbolizes success.When it comes to your business life, you will be in an even better position in the following period than before.

Your ideas will be constructive, so your boss will gladly listen to you and ask for your opinions.They will see you as a reliable person that they can confide many doubts and suggestions.To see a chimney with the flame coming out

If you dream of a chimney with flames coming out of it, that symbolizes prosperity.

Your home will be peaceful, an all your family members will be understanding of one another.

You will not have to boss around or tell them what to do or how to act since they will give their best to help you and make your job easier.Demolishing a chimney in a dream

If you are dreaming of destroying a chimney, it means that you will retreat to solitude.Some people that you have expected a lot from may disappoint you, so you will cut every contact with them.You will make that decision impulsively, but you will not change your mind even after some time passes by.

If you dream that you are sweeping or cleaning the chimney, it means that you need to release your frustrations and get things out in the open.Climbing inside a large chimney symbolizes the need to let go of any negativity or shame you’ve been harboring.The procedure will be difficult but necessary.




















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