Apartment in Dreams

Apartment in Dreams

A dream of an apartment is usually a simple dream and shows the dreamer the state of finances or other situation he or she may be involved in.A beautiful, lavish apartment indicates you will see a large increase in your income or your family life will improve.

If the apartment is shabby and dark then you will experience misfortune and possible loss of a husband, lover, or money.Try to recall the other symbols that caught your eye in your dream apartment and you will come close to approximating it’s meaning.

Seeing that you work in an apartment means that you will be appointed, but this appointment will take place against your will.For a young person, it’s either a sign of a wedding or a party.For an elderly person, it means getting a lump sum of money in his hand.

It is interpreted that a person who sees that he is working in an apartment in a dream will encounter a big problem in business life and his appointment was taken out even though he did not want to.If it is a young person who has a dream, it is indicated that he will embark on a good deed, find a good fortune in the near future, step into marriage, and the child will join the family.If an elderly person sees in a dream that he is working in an apartment, it is interpreted that money will come from an unexpected place at an unexpected moment.


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